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Full Version: Using MP3 files?
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Is it possible to load up all my MP3 backing tracks without needing to create a blank song (as per page 36 of the manual) this seems to me to be creating loads of entries I don't need. Is it possible to simply link an existing chart with an MP3 stored on the device?

Easy to do - no need to create a blank chart.

Long press the chart concerned - red tick will appear to the left of the title. Touch the 'edit song' tab at the top of the screen, followed by the 'audio' tab. Search for the audio file required, using the two icons on the right. Touch the MP3 filename, followed by OK. Lastly touch the 'OK' at the top of the screen. Your MP3 is now linked to the chart.
Yes, you can just long press a song, edit it, go to the audio tab and add any audio file you want to it.


Graeme beat me to it Smile
Haha (Mike) thanks GraemeJ Smile