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Full Version: Replace pages, but keep annotations
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I would like to be able to replace page(s) in a song without losing the annotations made on that page.
In my case, we have a common repository of pdf's as a band where changes that affect all members are made.
My own information concerning a song (which guitar, which sound on the POD etc) is done as a text annotation. As it is now, when I replace the pdf (after conversion to png), I have to redo the annotation.
I second that!
I also frequently have to change/swap pdfs and would like to keep annotations, markers, links points - all individual added things. Maybe there should be a hint if annotations exist and a question if they should be kept - in case of a totally changed pdf layout.
Are there certain cases (like converting pdf->images) where you do want the annotations to be maintained, but not in others? For example, I'm adding the ability in v4.1.0 to specify an arbitrary page ordering so you can repeat pages without link points or easily specify multiple sections in a pdf (i.e. 1-3, 4-6). If you just suddenly remove page 4 (1-3, 5-6), those annotations should just disappear, right?
Actually, I do not work with images, just pdf.
So keeping annotations when swapping pdf would be my main interest.
When 4.1.0 supports page ordering or individual page deletion, deleting the annotations on this page seems to be fine.
(05-16-2013, 04:27 PM)Zuberman Wrote: [ -> ]Are there certain cases (like converting pdf->images) where you do want the annotations to be maintained, but not in others?

In my case, it would suffice to have an option of "replace page X" (most of the time, X would equal 1) while converting pdf's to png's. I know that the problem will be more difficult to solve when dealing with multiple pages in one song/piece, which is very rare with my sheets.
The combination of annotations with arbitrary page ordering is an interesting concept. I consider annotations to be tied to the page they were created on. So if a song has a page order of 1,2,3,1,2,4, and I create an annotation on the logical 2nd page, should that annotation also appear on the 5th page (which is also physical page 2)? Or will the program allow me to have distinct annotations for each occurrence of the same physical page in the page order?

I can see situations where it would be nice to have an annotation that is added to a page be automatically added to other occurrences of that page in the page order (e.g. fixing a bad note or lyric). Maybe the program can prompt the user whether newly added annotations should be copied to other references of that page, when the annotation is being saved.
Annotations are definitely tied to the page they are created on. Arbitrary page ordering doesn't change this, as even though a page in the PDF is repeated, each page of the song is treated as unique, and can have different link points, annotations, etc.

I think the right answer is to make it incredibly easy to copy annotations from one page to another. I will have to add support for this. I'm sure there are a number of things I haven't even thought about yet that will be brought up as a result of the changes in v4.1.0, so user feedback will be critical.
Add new png/pdf - bulk copy annotations - remove old png/pdf would be a suitable way to do it.
I'd like to see this apply to images as well as PDFs. Case in point: at a rehearsal in a location with blue and green lighting, I snapped a picture for a piece we were working on, and made annotations all over it. I then went in and edited the photo to remove the terrible color cast and attempt a swap-out with the original image. Annotations lost. Sad
Although it's too late to help now, if you are going to swap out something like that and want to keep all the annotations, your best bet is just to manually replace the image file being used by MobileSheets (in the song editor, tap and hold on the file to see an option to display the full path).

Ultimately, I should provide users with the option to swap out image files and maintain annotations, just like I do for a PDF file.