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Full Version: MSP WIN 10 VERSION
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Hi Mike,
I'm looking to purchasing a new notebook computer to replace my existing win 7 machine.
I'm considering running MSP on both my existing Samsung tablet and the new win 10 computer. (useful backup)
I have a question. 
Will a touch screen be a requirement for your new win 10 MSP?

Appreciate your thoughts on this.



No, a touchscreen is not required. I have tested a fair amount on my PC with a mouse, and it works just fine. About the only thing that isn't as nice is that you can't take advantage of gestures like pinch zooming or three finger taps. I did add support for zooming in increments using the mouse wheel just in case anyone didn't have touch support. One thing that is nice is that you can assign pedal actions to any key on the keyboard, so you can trigger somethings very quickly that way.