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Full Version: Transposable chords in comments
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The idea behind [Chords] in {comments} is to be able to write something like

{comment: Bridge goes to [F]}

and have the F transposed if necessary.

Apparently, you have some more/other interesting ideas... Can you elaborate?
Do I see it correctly that this only works for plain comments ("c"/"comment")? It doesn't seem to work for the other comments (italic, box, highlight).
Also, the idea was to blend the chord names with the comment text, so there is no need to render the chords as chords. According to the spec: "The comment text may contain chords in square brackets, which will be shown as ordinary text while still subject to transposition. ". It looks nice, though. But I'm afraid this wil run out of hand when the text and chord sizes/markup differ significantly.
I'll see if I can fix it to use the same font formatting and also work for other comment types.

I would prefer the chords formatted as chords as it is implemented now. As Sciurius mentioned "It looks nice, though".
But that causes issues with line spacing in case of a big difference between the font sizes of chords and lyrics.

How about using the same font size as for comment text (currently "Lyric Size") but "Chord Highlight", "Chord Color", Bold and Italic as specified for chords?

I really would appreciate if MSP supported also "comment_box" and and transposing chords in all comment types.
(03-30-2017, 06:40 PM)itsme Wrote: [ -> ]How about using the same font size as for comment text (currently "Lyric Size") but "Chord Highlight", "Chord Color", Bold and Italic as specified for chords?

That would be a good compromise.
Personally, I interpret the standout chords as "something to play", and this may not necessarily be the case with chords in comments.
Another post brought this back to my mind.
A useful feature in many cases, but currently only working correctly with comment italic, not with plain comment.
See attachments
Sorry that it took some time to test that fix.
It's not of high priority as it is good enough anyway, but allow some nitpicking:

Within {comment_italic: chords are formatted like the chords with the lyrics as expected.
Within {comment: the chords use the font size that is specified for chords, but ignore the settings for bold and italic.
Chord Color and Chord Highlight is used in both cases as expected.
This is the case in both the Windows and the Android version.

In the Windows version additionally the chords are rendered a little bit too high, the base line is not exactly the same as that of the comment text.
I've modified the code to use the same formatting for chords in comments as elsewhere (meaning they match the bold/italic setting) and I've fixed the baseline of the text in the Windows 10 version. I'm hoping the slight adjustment that I had to make to align the text properly will not cause a noticeable difference in the layout of users files.

It's fixed in 2.5.2. Thank you.
You're welcome - thanks again for the feedback.

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