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Full Version: Transposable chords in comments
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(This is actually one of the new features of the ChordPro v5 standard)

If a {comment} contains a chord between [brackets], render it without the brackets but allow it to be transposed.

For example:

{comment: Intro [C]  [G]  [F]  [C]}

would show as "Intro C  G  F  C", but when the song is transposed up a full tone it shows as "Intro D  A  G  D".
Can I read more about the upcoming ChordPro v5 standard somewhere? Did you discuss with Mike if MSP will support it?
Currently I write things like that as

{comment: Intro}
[C]  [G]  [F]  [C]
[Intro] [C]  [G]  [F]  [C]

That's why I appreciate that MSP allows just chords without any lyrics (1st example) and formats anything in square brackets like chords (2nd example)
Both have some disadvantages compared with your proposal
For the upcoming ChordPro v5 standard, see .

As for discussing with Mike: That's what this feature request is for.
Thank you for the info.
How about making "Stay tuned for the upcoming release of ChordPro format version 5.0!" on a link to that draft page?
Marking the new features of V 5.0 would help to understand what's going to happen.
Excellent suggestion, thanks!
(11-17-2016, 04:27 AM)sciurius Wrote: [ -> ]Excellent suggestion, thanks!
You're fast ;-) Thanks
Trying to be like Mike Wink
I'll have to work on slowly adding the new features in the v5.0 spec. Some things like the new image directive may be restricted depending upon the OS and permissions. For example, in Windows 10, I cannot access any file outside the storage location, as universal apps are very restricted in terms of what files they can access. So that means the image would need to use a relative path most likely, but then it's up to the user to provide the images beside the text file (which I'm not sure how I would handle during the import process). That's probably just a feature that users who manage their own storage location would utilize.
I think it is acceptable to restrict this to (or "is guaranteed to work only for") images that reside in the same folder as the referring ChordPro document.
It is also acceptable to require (e.g.) the specified image file name to correspond to a file under management of MSPro, (another real or pseudo) song, so the image files can be imported and managed just like all the other MSPro files.
(11-16-2016, 10:22 PM)sciurius Wrote: [ -> ]For the upcoming ChordPro v5 standard, see .

As for discussing with Mike: That's what this feature request is for.

Took a quick peek, looks like some good stuff that would make MSP even more awesomererer! Big Grin Thanks much for the effort.
I've added support for transposing chords in comments based upon the version 5 standard. This will be available in version 1.7.8.

Great! Thanks a lot!
Great. I definetely will use it.
It would be even more valuable if I could specify font parameters like font size, font color, background color, bold, italic ... independently for comment, comment_italic and other ChordPro styles.
I'll see what I can do with that at some point. It's going to require a lot more changes than what I had to do to support transposing chords in comments though. I also have to change the transposing logic based upon the feedback you both provided me in that other thread, so that is probably higher priority.
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