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Full Version: Add capability to make a setlist/collection to the 'Recent' tab
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I was going to use the recent folder to make a collection/setlist. I figured that I could clear it, go through a practice then make a collection/setlist from all the songs listed in the recent folder.
maybe add "Recent" to the collection drop down so you could create a setlist the normal way and just use the Recent as a collection filter?
The 'Recent' file/tab is not used/listed/available in any other place as far as I've been able to determine. So that doesn't seem to work unless I'm missing something.
Is there some reason you can't long press a song on the recent tab to start selection mode, select all the songs, then tap the overflow menu and tap "Create Setlist from Songs" or "Add to Setlist"? That seems like it would do what you are asking for (unless I'm missing something).
That's exactly what I was looking for, just couldn't figure out how [it's probably in the manual if I'd looked Smile ]. Plus I was also able to add those songs to an existing collection the same way.