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Full Version: "Set List" List
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For all gigs I have a set list which lists all the numbers we are going to play with the key and some notes. I print this to pdf and have it as the first sheet in my Mobilesheets setlist. I then have chordsheets for any numbers that I don't know by heart and are more complicated than a 12 bar. These go into the Mobilesheets setlist in set list order.

Because the MS setlist is not complete, to see what comes next I have to keep going to the first pdf and then returning to where I was. This is easy with a book but not so easy with MS. Can anyone suggest a better way of doing this (or do we need a new feature)?
Hi fausto
Maybe you can put your setlist-pdf into the setlist more times (at the places where you need the overview).
Aren't you adding individual songs into the setlist? If you bring up the overlay, and just leave the setlist window up, it tells you what song you are currently at, and what songs are coming next. You could just bring this up with a tap, then tap again to hide the overlay. A number of users have requested I provide a way to show what song is coming up next. I will probably add something like a text field in the corner that will render on top of the score.