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Full Version: Randomise Setlists
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In an app I was using on the iPad (unrealbook) it had a feature whereby you could (once a setlist was filled with songs) ask it to re-generate the names in a random order. I found this really useful when getting stuck for song orders. It sometimes took a few tries, but it was quite cool and saved a lot of time!

Perhaps this could be incorporated into the Companion App? Easier than doing it in android I'd imagine haha!
I tried 'shuffle' in the setlist sort but it didn't do anything. I expected it to mix the list in a random way each time it was selected, it only shuffles once. I even tried selecting a different sort method but shuffle just kept returning to the same order. Cancel this, I went back and switching between manual and shuffle DID change the order, however, the first song stayed the same. Blush
There is an option to reshuffle in the overflow menu. It is only shown if the current sort order is shuffle.
Yeah thanks guys - not quite the same thing though really. Especially as you can only do it once (as per Skip) Sad
I tried it using mike's additional info and it reshuffles for each press in the overflow reshuffle, including the first song. So once you have set the sort order to shuffle the quick reshuffle is in the overflow like Mike says.