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Full Version: Midi program change
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I have issues with MIDI program change. I need MobileSheetsPro to send program change to my Roland TM-2 when I load different tunes. I know MobileSheetsPro has this feature but I can't seem to get it working, it simply won't recognize that I'm connecting a midi gear to it. I checked channels etc.  
Could it be the cable or something else?
I'm running Android 4.4.4 and I use an M-audio usb/midi cable that works on all my other gear.
I finally got it working thanks to a buddy of mine that recommended MobileSheets and had done some research on my behalf. He is also a smokin' bass player.....Thanks Jimmy!

If someone else runs into this MIDI problem. Here is the solution>>>>>>

Make sure your USB adapter is a OTG USB adapter.