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Full Version: Manual crop "apply to all pages" bug
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I'm finding that sometimes when I apply a manual crop to all pages, it only applies it to the current page.  I think this happens when the page I crop isn't the first one in the file, but once I've manually cropped the first page, I can subsequently crop another page and it will correctly crop the whole file.
I haven't been able to reproduce this yet. If I open a song using a 13 page PDF, it seems to make no different what page I try to crop, all pages in the file are correctly cropped the same if I change the "Apply To" setting to "All Pages in Selected File". If you can come up with steps to reproduce the problem, I'll be sure to get it fixed.

OK - I'll keep an eye on it. I've just tried another Messiah score and irritatingly, it worked OK! It does lead to one suggestion though: a large file (or I guess many small ones) can take a long time to auto-crop when it's imported, so the "cropping" notification might benefit from a progress bar.