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Full Version: Feature - database backup to MS Storage location
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(I know we should just be finding bugs right now :-) )

Since we can't expose MS database no more, would it be possible to set location for database auto-backups? I would like to sync my MS to my backup tablet by using OneDrive (same path on both tablets) so it would  be great to have automatic backups of database in same folder as all files I need for my MS in case I'm forced to use my second tablet...
I would like to generalize this request:
please think about a workflow that allows keeping a Win10 device in sync with an Android device that is faster and more convenient than backup on one device and restore on another.
With Android only, it was possible to synchronize the song files in a folder structure (on OneDrive as mentioned by NeoCZ, but it could be also DropBox, shared folders on a local network or something else)  and copy only the database.
Often only a small number of songs and files is added or changed, the majority stays unchanged, so why always transfer all.
I'll look into adding an option to set a database automatic backup location to replace the old "Expose Database" setting.

Making synchronization easier between devices (whether Windows 10 or Android) is definitely something I'm going to have to work on soon.
I know OneDrive can be used via it's API to sync app settings/files among multiple devices, but I'm not sure if it works with Android or not...
I've tried just to copy LocalState folder from one tablet to another and because I use same location/path on both tablets for MS files, just by copying those files into MobileSheets folder (in C:\Users\<yourusername>\AppData\Local\Packages\) I was able to load everything in few seconds. Everything seems to be just same on both tablets. If it's not secret, are all files needed for this manual synchronization in this folder Mike? If so, I might just create auto-backup of this folder to my OneDrive folder, that also has all files I need for my MS, and this way I can make one-way sync any time I need...
That folder is the default storage location, and the location where the database is stored (regardless of what the storage location is). If you leave that as your storage location, then just copying that folder is all you need. Otherwise you'd have to make a copy of both the LocalState folder as well as the storage location folder.
Thanks for the confirmation. I use special OneDrive folder to keep all my MS PDFs etc., so I'm just going to set auto backup of LocalState folder to my OneDrive and this way I can easily one-way sync all devices I need and If I ever make any changes on other then primary tablet (not very likely, but it's possible), I'll just copy LocalState folder from those manually to sync it with my SP4.

Yesterday I've used only my second tablet to try that everything was transfered and it was without any problem.
Just a quick update. I used freeware FreeFileSync and via Windows Task Scheduler I run a Batch Job (sync in other words) of LocalState folder everytime I log into my PC. Backup is really fast and it runs minimized so I don't even notice it's happening and I have regular backup of database to my OneDrive folder. If anyone is interested in this, it's really simple to set up and I can provide more info.