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I'm going to write here smaller bugs I find for this version so I willl keep adding post to this thread...

1. It seems tabs (recent, songs ...) can't be tapped/touched in 90% of attemps after few first changes from one to another. It doesn't seems to be fixed number of changes, I was able to reproduce it with 1, 3, 4, and 8 tab changes and sometimes if works without any problem even after a lot of them (20+).
2. I've tried to open PDF via right-click (in Windows Explorer) --> Open with --> MobileSheets. MobileSheets starts but no dialog to load/import pdf is shown. It doesn't matter if MS is already running or not, result is the same.
3. If I set language to Czech (čeština), and try that new Windows 10 list of letters after tapping letter in song tab and tap on "CH" (special czech letter) it takes me to section # instead of CH. If I tap "CH" in alphabet side list, It takes me to correct section - section with song starting with CH.
4. If you uncheck Show Floating Toolbar, floating toolbar is still shown ;-)
5. If Use Dark Theme is set to on, when there is place below list of songs/collections (only 3 or 4), it isn't black but remains white. This is different to Android version.
Just using your thread to add another small bug Smile :

Using render preference "Speed", an large message "Rendered by Randaee PDF SDK" is shown while displaying sheets.

Testing on Surface Pro 4
This is known issue - see first post here
Not sure if this is an MS issue or regular windows behaviour:

Windows 10 in tablet mode, MobileSheets with "Full screen mode" disabled. Open a setlist. Touch the Windows Back button (next to Start button): the Windows start menu is shown instead of the previous screen in Mobilesheets.
When (accidentally) trying to start Mobilesheets a second time from the start menu, the first window is hidden and can't be activated again through the Windows task switcher. Mobilesheets must be stopped before being able to start it again.
Marcel - I can't reproduce that first issue. If I open a setlist and hit the Windows Back button, I just go right back to the library screen as expected. What kind of device are you testing on? I also couldn't reproduce the second issue - if I try to load it a second time, it just goes back to the first instance that is already loaded.


1. I can't seem to reproduce this yet. It may have been due to the application being hung up on processing something when you encountered it
2. Fixed
3. Can you provide me with either a song title to use, a .msf file or a small library backup that I can use to test out what you are describing?
4. Fixed
5. Fixed

PM with link to download my library backup sent :-)

Also I will try to find more specific condition for the first bug and also I will try to reproduce it on my second tablet and mobile...
Both issues (window disapearing when using windows backbutton in a setlist, and issue starting 2nd instance of MS) I get while testing on Surface Pro 4 M3 6y30 4Gb, Win10 Pro x64 build 14393.

Testing on VMware workstation Win10 Pro x64 build 14393, these issues do not occur, I get the same behaviour as you do.

I can report back if the next Mobilesheets version has the same issue on my Surface?
Correction: On Vmware, the windows back button has same behavior as on my Surface: 

Put Windows in Tablet mode
Open a setlist (the setlist contents is shown). Touch the Windows Back button (next to Windows Start button): the Windows start menu is shown instead of the previous screen in Mobilesheets.
I'm still experiencing first bug described here (tabs (recent, songs ...) can't be tapped/touched in 90% of attempts after few first changes from one to another.
Are you experiencing that on one specific device? Or all of them? I'm trying this on my PC and my Surface Pro 4, and I still have no idea how to reproduce that problem...
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