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Full Version: [1.6.5] Unexpected Termination of MS
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Following two actions seem to cause MS to terminate unexpectedly (both repeatable)

1) Goto settings / Library settings / Alternate row colour
Don't change anything, just confirm the default choice (Grey) already selected.
MS wil terminate.

2) This is done on a device with a physical keyboard
Start MS
Tap on the first tab, to get the focus there.
Then use the right arrow on the keyboard to change TAB's.
After a number of times of pressing the right arrow, MS wil terminate.

Update: This second item seemed to be related to issues with displaying icons, appearing in the selected tab.
Following action also crashes MS (repeatable):

Open a sheet in a setlist, go to "add annotations", press the right-arrow on-screen button (for next page/song) --> App crashes

Testing MS on: Surface Pro 4, M3-6Y30, 4Gb, Windows 10 Pro
Fixed all of the issues listed, except for the issue with changing tabs using a keyboard. I can't seem to crash the app at all using the right arrow to change tabs. Are you testing this on your PC or on an actual device?

PC or actual device? Don't understand the question.

It was done on my convertible PC (Lenovo Yoga 11s), in PC mode.
In reaction to your question, I also tried it on that pc in tablet mode, using touch to change tabs. The problem remains.
I now remember changing tabs on a empty library on this pc, and then I did not seem to get the issue ??

When testing this on my cheapo Chinese Onda tablet, I do not have the issue.

A difference between the two is that de pc runs Win10 Dutch, whereas the Onda, Win10 English . .. . .

Not much help I am afraid . . .
I can't reproduce your issue, on my tablet (with type cover/keyboard connected) everything works as expected, in PC mode or in Tablet mode. I've also tried it with all tabs shown (I usually use only 4) and it's working as it should, too.
Forget everything I wrote about this issue. (apart from the fact that MS suddenly stops)
It has nothing to do with changing TAB's as such.

MS stops when I select the CUSTOM GROUP TAB to be displayed.
The issue now exists both on the Lenovo PC and on the Onda tablet.
Before, MS was not set up to show that tab on the Onda. That's why I did not get the issue there . . .
So maybe it has something to do with my database.
I use restore backup all the time on Android as I use it to sync my Mobilesheets tablets. There the issue does not exist.
One thing sepecial about my custom group is that each entry in there consist of only smiley's. No normal text.

Hope this helps a bit more.
Sorry for leading you in the wrong direction . . .
I was able to reproduce it now. If you add any item (song, collection, really doesn't matter) that has smiley in it's name (must be picture from virtual keyboard not : - ) ), it crashes MS immediately.
I believe I know where the problem is. I have some code that is used to strip out punctuation and handle converting things like ulmauts, and I think for whatever reason, a smiley face is causing a crash in that code. I had fixed it while going through crash reports, but now that I know how to actually reproduce the issue, I can test it.

Importing a file from Google Drive or Dropbox also crashes MS.

Testing on Vmware workstation, Windows 10 Pro 64bit Build 14393
How did you go about importing the file? I don't get any errors when I use Import->Dropbox.
Freshly installed Windows 10 + latest updates
Freshly installed MS
First action after starting MS: Import, dropbox, go to a folder with 161 files, select All, "Ok" --> crash
Then: Import, dropbox, go to same folder with 161 files, select a single file, "Ok" --> crash
Same with Google drive

Then I imported a local file, that went OK.

Then I left the VM alone. Some windows updates were installed and the VM may have booted.
Now dropbox and Google drive import work normally, even after clearing the library.

Restested on new fresh VM with same results.
If a setlist contains only one song, deleting that song crashes the app.
How did you go about deleting the song? I just created a setlist, added a song to it, returned to the setlists tab, long pressed the song and selected "Delete Song from Library". This did not crash the app. I then repeated the steps but deleted the song from the songs tab. Still no crash. If you can provide the exact steps to repeat this, I would really appreciate it.

Setlist - edit - select song - click on cross to delete - crash
Just tried creating a new setlist to try rather than existing one. Same occurrence.
Okay, have a fix in place now, thanks.
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