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Full Version: MSP on Win10 Desktop
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Download and installation worked fine, MSP is running now on my laptop with Win10 64 bit.
At first glance it looks exactly like the Android version.

That's probably why some common features of Windows desktop programs are missing:
- MSP is always full screen on the main monitor
- I cannot move MSP to the second monitor
- if another program gets the focus, even when this other program is displayed on the second monitor, MSP is minimized
- there's no title bar where I can close MSP with the "X" button in the upper right corner. I can only close it with "Alt F4".

Please let me know if I'm missing something. I have absolutely no experience with Win10 Mobile and with the common behaviour of  Win10 Mobile apps on Win10 desktop.
I don't have problem running MS in window mode and I can see title bar. You just have to move your mouse to top of the page (really hit the screen edge) and title bar will appear with . Don't know if this is expected behaviour or not. Maybe there can be added some kind of detection of Win10 mode you're using - Tablet mode on/off?
Thank you for your quick answer.
When I activate the title bar following your hint, there's not only the "Close" button but also the "Maximize" / "Restore" button.
With "Maximize" OFF MSP is shown in a non-maximized window that I can shift whereever I want, also on the second monitor. Shift - Win - right arrow / left arrow moves MSP to the other monitor just like other programs.
When I maximize again, the title bar stays there and Shift - Win - right arrow / left arrow works as expected, also for the maximized MSP window.
So that's what you meant with "tablet mode OFF", right?
If you have device like Surface Pro 4 (2-in-1) it can detect if keyboard is connected or not and based on this, it turns Tablet mode on/off.

I've just tried running other Win10 apps (Facebook, OneNote, ...) and if you are in Tablet mode, title bar isn't shown but if you are not in Tablet mode (so Tablet mode is off), title bar is shown with close, maximize and restore buttons. So it seems MSpro should be able to read state of Tablet mode and show or not show title bar based on this.

EDIT: I've just found solution. Just disable Fullscreen mode in Settings --> Display settings and it works as described above.
Thanks again. Disabling full screen mode helps.

I don't have a surface, just a normal notebook. On stage I use my Android tablet.
Some Windows 10 apps have a button to go fullscreen from windowed mode. I'm not sure useful this would be for MS.