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Full Version: 1.6.5 Missing back button
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Unable to go back (no back button) when using MS fullscreen and editing a setlist. You could use the Windows back button but that is a bit cumbersome. 

Side note: Having a back button in 1 consistent location in the application would be nice, e.g. the upper left corner, like in the  song overlay.
If you are using MobileSheetsPro on a Windows 10 PC (and not a tablet), you can move the mouse up to the top of the screen to display the back button at the top left. Is this what you mean by the Windows back button? I'm going to be adding a save/cancel option to the setlist editor at some point, so that may alleviate the need for a back button if you don't like the existing method.
I miss my Android Back-Button too, but that is probably me being a Windows 10 illiterate. Swiping from the top brings in the window border, which has a 'left' arrow. The window border lingers over MSs Top menu for a few seonds, unless you scroll in the main window. This makes it hard to go back from a song or setlist and chose a different one.
I get that this is how W10 works, so I will need to get used to this!
The Win10 title bar stays there if you switch off fullscreen mode in MSP display settings.
I was testing on Surface Pro 4 in tablet mode. By Windows back button I meant the back button  next to the Start button (in tablet mode only) on the windows taskbar, which you can swipe in from below.

I now see you can also swipe in the windows title bar which also has a back button.

A save/cancel option would surely alleviate the need for an application back button. Btw an undo function for setlist edits would be nice as well.

@itsme agreed fullscreen can be disabled, however full screen in tablet mode is the best experience for me.