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Full Version: [fixed in] (Win 10 Mobile) Overlay activation crashes the app
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I've just tried loading my backup to MobileSheets on Lumia 930, so to Windows 10 mobile. My backup is 1,3 GB large and it loaded in 4-5 minutes, so it wasn't too much longer when compared to Windows 10.

I don't plan to use it on regular basis, but it's nice to have it as backup. To bad I don't have Lumia 950 or other phone that support Continuum, I really would like to try MS with Continuum.....

I've found a bug with overlay. If I try to activate/show overlay while viewing song, in most cases it crashes the app. But with some songs, I can activate overlay without any problem and as many times as I like, so it seems related to some rendering issues connected to specific PDFs.

As usually, I can provide my backup and detailed information if necessary.

BTW: Mike do you get crash reports from Windows 10 / Windows 10 Mobile app as you get from Android one?
Yes, I do get crash reports through HockeyApp like Android. I'm still trying to figure out how easy it is to get detailed information from them (I might just need to upload symbol information). I'm going to work through the issues in all these great posts - thanks for all the help so far!
I still get this error related to overlay, app crashes if I try to activate overlay. I've also just edited title of this thread to be more specific to this bug...
Which song from your library should I try loading that causes the crash? I'm testing on a phone emulator right now to see if that will help. What size phone do you have? I'm currently testing with the 5" phone emulator.

Try song All That Jazz. Load it and if you try to activate overlay, it crashes. I've just noticed it only happens in portrait orientation, in landscape it seems to load overlay just fine. If I rotate the phone while overlay is shown i landscape, it also crashes the app. Phone is 5'', 1080x1920 px, text size is set to smalles one (225%, in phone settings) if it matters.
I'm still unable to reproduce this error, but I think I might know where the problem is due to the crash reports. I've made some fixes that will hopefully stop the error, but I won't know until you are able to test it with the next update.

I still get this bug/crash in wit the same song but not only with All That Jazz. Try Abba Medley, in landscape everything works without any problem, if I use portrait mode (or rotate from landscape to portrait), app crashes. I was able to once see overlay in portait with All That Jazz song, but all other attemps crashed the app. .
I'm seeing the same crash as before, but I have no idea how to reproduce it. No emulator or device I have experiences that problem. I'll keep trying things, but I may have to get my hands on a Windows phone like the Lumia 930 to fix this issue.
I implemented a few more changes, so I'm hoping for 1.6.8 that it will be fixed.
Ok, will try it as soon as 1.6.8. is released.
Just tried this in 1.6.8. and it looks fixed, wasn't able to find song that would cause app to crash, great.
Excellent news! Thanks for the help on this one.