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Full Version: MobileSheetsPro 1.6.5 and MobileSheetsPro Companion v2.5.0 Released
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New versions of MobileSheetsPro and MobileSheetsPro Companion are now available. These fixes mostly contain bug fixes to address recently reported issues. The companion application has also been updated to correctly work with the new Windows 10 version of MobileSheets. The changes can be seen below:

MobileSheetsPro v1.6.5
  • Fixed issue with automatic scrolling that could cause it to stop in the middle of a song
  • Fixed issue with the batch import not correctly parsing subdirectories when a filter is used
  • Added supported for diminished chords specified with a 0 (i.e. A0)
  • Added support for transposing lone base chords (i.e. /C#)
  • Fixed incorrect wrapping of text in chord pro files. Lines now correctly wrap at the margins.
  • Increased bottom margin of chord pro documents to more closely match the top margin
  • Fixed bug that can cause incorrect page layouts when changing settings with the next song bar up
  • Fixed issue with page loading slowly after entering annotation editor and unnecessary re-renderings of pages
  • Fixed issue that can cause action bar items to not collapse correctly into the overflow menu
  • Fixed issue with annotations editor not correctly scrolling to same point on page when loaded
  • Fixed issues with loading csv files and pdf bookmarks off Dropbox and Google Drive
  • Fixed issue in landscape mode where pages might not be split in half correctly with the title bar or next song bar shown
  • Fixed issue with msf files being invalid if a song is exported with missing files
  • Fixed issue with tabs not being refreshed after fixing missing files using the find missing files screen
  • Fixed issue with audio file paths not being correctly updated after moving the storage location
  • Fixed issue with the initial quick action box selection not being correctly shown on the touch action settings screen
  • Fixed issue with the navigation bar not being hidden correctly in the annotations editor (if configured to hide)
  • Fixed issue where toggling the half page turn option would not correctly show/hide the half page turn position icon
  • Fixed issue with the page scale settings not being correctly persisted in the database
  • Fixed issue with song titles being vertically cut off in the group editor
MobileSheetsPro Companion v2.5.0
  • Added support for connecting to the Windows 10 version
  • The backup extractor/viewer now exports the database file found in the backup file before it is upgraded to the latest version
  • The controls used for entering group names now have a maximum height but the content can be scrolled
  • Made chord pro rendering consistent with latest android version
  • Fixed crash while importing .msf file with annotations