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Full Version: Crash on download from Google Drive
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First of all: Thank you for your work! I have always loved this Software and am glad that it works on windows now that I am using a Surface Book :-)
Anyhow: I am experiencing crashes whenever I try to import one or more files from dropbox or Google Drive. Is this already seen into? Thanks and best regards!
I'll have you recheck this after 1.6.6 is available. I don't encounter any crashes when using Dropbox or Google Drive, so hopefully after the update is available, you won't either.
i just tried with version 1.6.6. Still crashing unfortunately. I can login to dropbox/google, select one or more sheets, the program says "downloading files from dropbox" and then closes. I am using the german version, maybe this makes a difference?

Best regards
Yes, it's a problem with the German translation (and several others as well). Now I can get it fixed - thanks!
Not really a crash but still related to Google Drive . . .

in 1.6.6., when trying to swap a file, the dropbox logon window is displayed when selecting Google Drive.
- in songs TAB of library screen, select a song.
- in overlay menu, select "swap file"
- Choose Google Drive
- Logon screen for Dropbox is shown
Fixed now - thanks.