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Full Version: TAB Selection works better in Android version
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I am not a big fan of how the TAB part of the screen currently works in the Windows version.

1) Under Android, the last TAB is the last TAB and one can not scroll past that. If you want the first one, you have to go back to the left.
Under Windows, the TAB's are looped, in which case I find it harder to find a specific TAB.

2) In the case where not all TAB are visible due to limitations in screen size:
In the Android version, one can scroll the currently active TAB off the screen, by swiping to the left, and then go directly to the TAB one wants to go to (even if it was originally of the screen).
In the Windows version, it is not possible to swipe the active TAB off the screen. When I try it, to try and go to a TAB off the screen (on the right side), I cannot do it.
Turns out they added a "IsHeaderItemsCarouselEnabled" flag to the pivot control (the standard control in UWP apps for handling tabs). I just switched that off, and now the behavior matches Android.


It still doesn't work well in terms of scrolling the tabs. I'm going to completely replace the pivot control with my own custom control that looks the same but behaves better.
ok, thanks
TAB selection works like Andoid in 1.6.7