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Full Version: [] App crashes
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With a setlist with 20 songs open, go to menu --> add songs to collection --> crashed

MS then kept on crashing as soon as I start it

Putting the auto_backup.db back solved the issue.

I can send the faulty db file?
While in a setlist with 35 songs, go to menu --> "Add to setlist", choose another setlist.

While message "Succesfully added 35 songs to setlist XXXXXX" is still showing, try to open a song from the current setlist --> crash
I don't experience a crash with either of those, so I probably will need either a copy of your database or a backup file. I am frequently going through crash reports and fixing bugs though, so it's always possible I already fixed something related.

I just found a major bug with the setlist/group editor. I believe if you change the list of filtered songs on the right side (or if filtering occurs because it was transferred over from the library screen), it will mess up the list of songs in the setlist. If you then change the setlist in any way, it should fix the stored list of songs, but if you instead exited the setlist editor without making changes and then loaded the setlist, major errors could occur. I've fixed the bug and will include it in the next update, which I will probably publish tomorrow so that people can test the build for a couple days with all the latest fixes. I'm hoping to have a stable build to release before Christmas if possible....
Retested on VMware box with clean library and default settings. Behavior is consistent:

While in a setlist in the library screens, go to menu --> "Add songs to setlist", choose another setlist.
Then open a song from the current setlist --> crash

Is this same as the bug you fixed?
I just tried that using the backup you gave me and didn't encounter a crash, so hopefully that means I've already addressed it. It would be great if you can test once more with the next update to be sure.

Retested with 1.6.7, still crashes:

On VMware box with clean library and default settings:

While in a setlist in the library screens, go to menu --> "Add songs to setlist", choose another setlist.
Then open a song from the current setlist --> crash
Okay, I have a VM set up now and I can reproduce the issue, thanks.
The issue now appears to be fixed.
I've been working with the Win10 version for most of the day and have experienced all of 20-25 crashes. I have approx 1600 songs in my database, and my setlists are usually 40-50 songs long. I tried exiting and rebooting, but the crashes still existed. Is there a crash log file I could send you that would be helpful?
I have a lot of bug fixes coming in the next update. If you still encounter the crashes after the next update, then it would be helpful to get some more information and possibly a backup file if it's related to something in your library. All of the crashes are sent to HockeyApp, but for some reason there is one prominent crash that is giving me no information whatsoever, so that's the only one I can't fix yet. It's apparently one that's occurred 37 times on someone's Surface Pro 4 (or multiple Surface Pro 4 users). I have a Surface Pro 4 myself, but I'm not seeing any crashes like that.