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Full Version: Big test of beta
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Yesterday I've decided to try to use only Win10 version of MS during our gig (six hours long company event) and except of bugs already known with not-so-hard workarounds it was without any problem. I used my secondary tablet that is synced to my primary one (if interested, look here for brief description - and only difference for me was smaller screen (8,3'' vs. 12,3'') and little bit slower response, but IMHO it was only because Thinkpad 8 has slower CPU then SP4.

Once again, great job, Mike. I've just uninstalled DuOS so from now on, no Android here;-)
Excellent news! I think it's almost time to make the WIndows 10 version public. Hopefully this next release will address all of the reported bugs.
I had the Windows version since 1.6.6 along with my DuOs setup, but I defenitly will go all with 1.6.8 without DuOs for my first 2017 gig!