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Full Version: MobileSheets 1.6.7 submitted to the store
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I just submitted version 1.6.7 to the Microsoft store and I decided to make it publicly visible as I believe things should be stable enough now. If any bugs do come up, I'll address them quickly over the course of this next week. I just really wanted the app to be available before Christmas. Thank you all for your help with testing the Windows 10 version! 

MobileSheets 1.6.7
  • Fixed error with annotations not being shown when editing a song in a setlist
  • Fixed crash when loading textbox annotations with invalid border widths
  • Textbox annotations now use a smaller rectangle that more closely matches the Android version
  • Fixed error with restoring backups containing file paths longer than 260 characters
  • Fixed error where loading image files with file extensions in all capital letters would not work
  • Fixed issue with undo/redo not working quite right in the annotations editor
  • Fixed issue with restoring backup files from Google Drive
  • Added support for pressing escape to go back to additional screens
  • Fixed issue with incorrect ordering of overflow action items when viewing the songs of a group
  • Fixed tabs so that they are easier to scroll and select
  • Fixed issue with Swap File->Google Drive loading Dropbox instead
  • Fixed bug that could cause errors if loading an older Android backup file
  • Fixed issue with speed render preference rendering darker pages
  • Fixed issues with missing icons on some devices
  • All languages are now available, instead of just English and the current language of the device
  • Fixed issues with how files are moved and folders are cleaned up after changing the storage location
  • Fixed missing dialog titles and other dialog layout issues
  • Fixed reported crashes
It seems that it takes a while until new versions are available in Germany. It's a long way to ...
Got it this morning