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Full Version: [1.6.6.] Backup / Restore on Android / Win 10
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Backup on Android and restore on Win 10 still has some issues.
- the message when restore did not work should be more specific: which files / paths did not work, which replacements have been applied
  (see screenshot Restore_completed_with_errors.png)
- restore did not work for certain songs, I'm not sure if this was caused by special characters in song titles, only 14 out of 1000 were reported as errors (see screenshots MissingFiles1.png, MissingFiles2.png)
- songs from fakebooks are located strangely after restoring an Android backup into MSP on Win 10 (see Folders+Files.png)
  Restore creates a folder for every song where it stores the respective file. It should first detect if "Create Subdirectories For Songs" was set in the backup before restoring files and then act accordingly. In case of many different songs taken out of one fakebook it seems to create a folder for the first song found and stores several fakebook files into that folder named like the song instead of "the other way round" - folders per fakebook and then let the songs refer to that file (see Folders+Files.png)

With handling restore like this, restoring an Android backup on Win10 seems to work. When creating a backup of the result on Win10 and restoring it on Android, the file and folder structure is completely lost and can not be re-constructed.
I've tested with your backup file and fixed various problems, so the restore completes successfully now. The original folder structure is also maintained now.

As far as going from Windows back to Android, I'm going to need to add the same kind of code there that I just added for Windows (detecting when Windows paths are used and fixing them).
Great. Many thanks. I'm curiously waiting for the next version.
Not fixed yet. When I make a backup on Android and restore it on Win10 the subfolders of the MSP directory that I created are lost. All song files are stored directly into the MSP folder without any subdirectories.
My settings are
- “Create Subdirectories For Songs” OFF
- “MobileSheets Storage Location” set to default values
- “Let MobileSheets Manage My Files” OFF
I have lots of CSV files and linked MSCZ files that must be stored in the same folder as the corresponding PDF files. So keeping the folder structure unchanged is essential.
Are those files located inside the MobileSheets storage location on Android? If not, there is a reason I can't recreate the paths on Windows. There is no translation between the folders you've created on Android and the storage location that has to be used on Windows. The only way I can translate between the two file systems is if I know which part of the path on Android I can remove (i.e. the storage location) so that I know everything after that must be the folder structure you want to keep. If you stored files on the Android side in some folder such as /storage/emulated/0/myfiles, how am I supposed to know what folders to create on Windows inside the storage location? The only thing I can do is extract the file names and place the files in the storage location on Windows. If you did store all of the files and folders under the storage location on the Android side, and the paths were not restored on Windows, then that would be a bug I need to fix.

If you've stored all of your files on Android under one folder that isn't the MobileSheets storage location, then you should be able to turn "Let MobileSheets Manage My Files" back on, set the storage location to that one folder, then turn the "Let MobileSheets Manage My Files" setting back off. Now, if you create a library backup that contains settings, and you restore that file on Windows, it should correctly restore all of your files with the subdirectories they had on Android under the storage location.

That's in fact a bug. I reduced my library to only using the MSP folder on Android's SD0 and the folders are also not restored. I stored my MobileSheetsProBackup_2017-01-28_P_SD0only.msb into the dropbox folder that I shared with you.
I finally had a chance to look into this issue, and it's going to be difficult to solve. Your storage location was set to /storage/emulated/0/Android/... but files in your library point to /storage/sdcard0/Android/...

These paths actually point to the same location on the SD card as they are symbolic links, but there is no way for the Windows 10 version to inherently know this. I'm going to try to add code to handle most of the common symbolic links so that my app will first normalize paths before doing the comparisons to determine if they were in the storage location, but it's not going to be 100% perfect. Some devices may do things oddly, in which case it's possible the check could fail.


I've made the fixes for the next update, tested it out and all the folders were successfully restored. So I believe my fix should work for most cases.
Thank you, Mike. I play a gig tonight and keep 1.7.7 until then. I update tomorrow, test the latest version and let you know the results.
Backup on Android 4.4, Restore on Win10: fixed
Thank you Mike. In 1.7.9 backup/restore from Android to Win10 worked perfectly for me: I made a backup on my tablet (Android 4.4) and restored it on Win 10. Files in subfolders of the MSP folder on Android (/storage/emulated/0/Android/data/com.zubersoft.mobilesheetspro/files) were correctly restored into the same subfolders of the MSP folder on  Win10 (d:\_MobileSheets), files stored elsewhere were restored directly into the MSP folder. Just as expected.

Backup on Win10, Restore on Android 5:
When making a backup on Win10 and trying to restore it on my phone (Android 5) a strange thing happened: most of the files were restored completely correct, only some (27 songs out of 1085) were missing. I don't see any rule what aspects of those missing files might have caused the problem. There are other files in the same folders with similar names and paths that could be restored correctly

Backup on Android 4.4, Restore on Android 5:
When restoring the original backup from the tablet on the phone it seems that the folder structure is lost. Not yet investigated in detail.

If there is a general interest I can help to investigate that.

For my personal use I'm going a different way in the near future: synchronize the files separately and patch mobilesheets.db with from Sciurius' MSPro-Tools when moving it from one device to the other.
Backup on Android 4.4, Restore on Win10: a fixed issue is back again in MSP 1.8.5
I made a backup on my tablet (Android 4.4) and restored it on Win 10. Files in subfolders of the MSP folder on Android (/storage/emulated/0/Android/data/com.zubersoft.mobilesheetspro/files) are correctly restored into the same subfolders of the MSP folder on  Win10 (d:\_MobileSheets) as before.

But for files stored elsewhere the setting "Create Subdirectories For Songs" OFF was not applied.

In my case several songs refer to different pages of the same fakebook PDF. A directory was created with the name of the first song of each fakebook and the fakebook PDF was restored there. That's confusing.
That worked correctly in 1.7.9, see above. PDFs from outside the MSP folder were restored directly into the MSP folder. As expected.
I'll try restoring that older backup you gave me to see if I can reproduce the problem you are describing. I don't think I changed the logic in such a way that it would break what was previously working, but I'll review all changes that have been made between 1.7.9 and 1.8.5 to see if there is an explanation for this.

It has nothing to do with older backups. I created the backup with MSP 1.8.5 on Android and restored it with MSP 1.8.5 on Win10. I can provide that backup if it helps.
I just meant that I can use the backup file from the last time around to test it again. If you think that I'll encounter different results with a backup file from an older version compared with a backup file from 1.8.5, then I may ask you to upload the newer backup file. I imagine the problem should be the same in both cases though.

Let me know if you cannot reproduce it with the backup that you have. Then I send you an updated backup.
Additional info: the same backup file (created with Android 4.4) restored on my phone (running Android 5) did not create the unwanted directories per song.
Fakebook files from
were restored to the MSP directory
That's what I expected: restored to the MSP directory without subdirectories because the original path could not be restored.
Reason: the name of the external sdcard has been changed  from sdcard1 (Android 4.4) to extSdCard (Android 5).
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