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Full Version: 1.6.7 Cosmetics
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1) Launching MS seems jerky. Lots of parts seem to be jumping about on the screen, before everything finds it's definitive place. Feels much more stable on Android.
I currently have MS installed on 2 Win 10 devices. On one of them (only) there are even two instances after the initial screen of MS has appeared that the desktop image quickly reappears over it. (two flashes as it were). This is repeatable
I think this is new to 1.6.7 (not sure - I do not have 1.6.6 anymore

2) Have forgotten to mention until now that compared to the Android version, the font of the text in the TAB's and the options at the top, are substantially larger than the font of the text in the library screen. On Android they are more or less the same.
Not that it bothers me, but it is different.

3) When two programms are active on Win10 and MS is in the background, it is not possible to bring it to the front with ALT TAB
1) I've made some changes to help reduce some of the jumping around, as it's mainly the action bar and tabs that cause that. The main problem is that on Android I can define different layouts for portrait versus landscape, and on Windows 10 I have to dynamically make the switch at startup (so it always starts portrait and I have to swap it once I know the window dimensions).

2) I've reduced the size a little to look more like the Android version

3) I loaded up two applications on my surface pro 4, with MobileSheets in the background. I then alt+tabbed back to MobileSheets and it's fine. I'm running in tablet mode. Am I missing something?

That's probably a matter of "tablet mode" vs. "desktop mode". I also had to learn about that recently.
3) just tried it again and now it works fine.
Yesterday it did not work and I tried it on multiple occasions. Did not work once. I did not reboot windows during that time
I was running in "pc modus".

Better forget about it, i guess . . .