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Full Version: [seems fixed in] Metronome bugs
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After a while audio and visual metronomes are out of sync, usually audio is one or two beats behind. Also there are random audio glitches. Sometimes it's little bit delay, sometimes it seems like 2 sounds at once or second one slightly after the first one.

If you change metronome mode to glow, it doesn't use proper colour but usually it's orange, after you change it manually, it's correct. This seems to only happen while Accent First Beat is checked. If you later change mode to LED, they are blue and you need to manually change it to be correct, too. Sometimes it doesn't respond to colour change at all.

My metronome settings are 4/4 time signature, Beat subdivision quarter notes, FX Wooden Metronome, Accent First Beat checked, Playback mode audio and visual.
This is going to be a tough one to address due to the display pipeline being completely independent from the audio one, and I have no guarantee of when drawing will occur.

I'll look into the issue with the glow metronome mode.

I've made some changes that seem to help keep things in sync a little better.
Sync is really better, I can't get it audio and visual out of sync, no glitches or 2 sounds at once so it seems fixed, but maybe someone with different tablet can verify it.

Also glow mode look fixed, too.