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Full Version: Uploading backup of database into Google disk
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Does MobileSheets Pro supports uploading and downloading backup created in MSPro?
If yes is this process automatically?
What should we do to have an access to the backup file directly from Google drive?
Kind regards
Yes, backup files can be uploaded and download to/from Dropbox and Google Drive. It is not automatic. You have to pick the location you want it to upload/download to. To do this, go to Settings->Backup and Restore->Backup Library, tap the folder, then tap the Dropbox or Google Drive icon at the top of the screen to switch the destination. You can then pick the folder you want on either Dropbox or Google Drive, depending upon which you selected. The process for restoring a backup file is the same - just switch to Dropbox or Google Drive in the file browser and then pick the file you want to use.