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Full Version: Any passive touchscreen users around?
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I tried multiple pens before admitting my brand new convertible laptop is non AES, digitizerless and non-active screen!
Still, I bought it because it's a 17,3'' multipoint touchscreen, and the machine is a racing horse!

Over time I found the best way in orchestral rehearsals for me was to:

1. enter annotation mode (finger touch programable)
2. zoom in (with 2 finger pinch method)
3. select pencil (or any other tool)
4. do the editing (with bare fingers)
5. exit annotation mode (along saving)

Of course sometimes I have to pan over different sections on a page, change page and/or do multiple tools editing (eraser etc) before exiting annotation mode and save.

My problems are:

1. conductor and collegues are often back to their instruments ready to play before i'm done
2. I need to put my bow in my quiver but still have to hold my doublebass with one hand to free the other, and that's without saying that I have to stand up to reach the tablet that's on a stand 4 feet up!

So any advice, tricks and programing to save time AND keys-touch macros for selecting-navigating thru modes, tool etc are welcome here!

To be honest, most of the time I have a paper version to which I am writing, and do the computer work at home... but I wish in my dreams it could be more effective!