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Full Version: Selectable MIDI transmission?
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Just want to ask how the development of being able to transmit MIDI data at any time (as well as when a chart is loaded) is coming along? as I think I mentioned ages ago, iOS app called Unrealbook allowed "hotspots" which were placeable tabs on a page that when tapped executed what ever they were set to do. One could assing MIDI commands to these, or even "jump to/from" positions in a long chart.

Anyhoo, just curious is all Big Grin

That would be a great function, it should mean that it would be possible in a medley to change programs from within Mobilesheets pro. This would make working with medley's and combining somgs very easy.
Yes, advanced MIDI support would be great. I don't know if I would use these hotspots or not, but I'm using MIDI pretty hard, so any MIDI improvement is a good thing for me ;-)
Not to mention those tunes where you want say, an external drum machine, to start half way through a song!