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Full Version: fatal error seems to be reproducible
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After waiting a long time for the Win 10 version I recently bought and installed MS and I'm very happy to get all my (classical) sheetmusic to one store.
But the following occured twice:
1. Change of the sheetmusic library to a specific folder (on a different drive letter)
2. Importing a PDF-file
3. Deleting this PDF-file results in DELETION OF THE COMPLETE FOLDER

I ask for checking this issue.
This is a fundamental difference between Android and Windows - if I try to delete a folder on Windows with files still in it, it will just go ahead and do it, while Android will not. Unfortunately, I didn't handle this properly on Windows, so I will be adding a fix for this immediately. It sounds to me like you changed the storage settings though. I'm assuming you turned off "Create Subdirectory per Song", correct? Otherwise you wouldn't have encountered a problem with this, as MobileSheets would have only been deleting the song subdirectory.
Yes, you 're right. I turned off "Create Subdirectory per Song" in the settings.
Do you already have implemented the patch or will it be done within a near future (minor) change?
It will be in the next update that I release. I haven't submitted the update to Microsoft yet.