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Full Version: Tag editor for audio files
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Would it be possible to add a "guess from filename" option for adding a title tag to mp3 files in the song editor? I often import mp3 files that don't have title tags, and although I can see their filenames in the song editor, their filenames don't show when the song is loaded, so I don't know which they are.
I've added an enhancement request for this. It should be something I can do. I don't know how difficult it is to do that on Android, but it should be fairly simple in the Windows 10 version.

@Tangodon: I recommend tagging your MP3 files. There are plenty of tools supporting that on any operating system.
My favorite for Windows is
It provides very convenient and flexible ways to create tags from file names and vice versa, multi select and mass renaming.
(And lots of other useful features for maintaining audio collections of any size)