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Hi Mike,

Any chance of a simple record tool at some point?


Just curious - what exactly you want to record and why it should be part of MobileSheets? Your performance of song you have in library, rehersal of your band for that song?

I'm asking because there are a lot of other apps that can do this...
I use mobilesheets quite a lot for teaching. To be able to play live rehearsal piano, make a rehearsal and share it via email with my students all in app would be a perfect workflow for me.
I think I'm with NeoCZ on this. There must be dozens of recording apps for Android - use one of thise and keep MSP for its intended purpose.
Until I discovered MobileSheets Pro, I used forScore on my iPad, which has a built record function. I record my groups rehearsals, one song as a time as we get to them, which worked perfectly for me. I want that built in, not have to switch to another app, then have to go back to MSP to play along, then back to the other app.
I respectfully disagree. I think MS should avoid this:
(01-07-2018, 08:35 AM)Cerio Wrote: [ -> ]I respectfully disagree. I think MS should avoid this:


I have long argued against feature creep, both here and on other forums.  I have seen too many good softwares ruined by the addition of unnecessary 'features'.  Fortunately, Mike has managed to gradually increase the functionality of MSP without overly increasing the complexity of use, but feature creep is something that should always be borne in mind.

I record rehearsals sometimes.  I use a separate app and just set it off at the start and then record the whole session - with MP3 compression and recording to an external SD card, there is no practical time constraint - why would I need to do this from within a music display app?
While I agree with you all about the feature creep and I'm very cognizant of that, when there are requests for features that are pretty isolated in nature (meaning they won't negatively impact existing capabilities in the app), I usually implement those requests. Adding a simple button to start recording audio, and then generate a file on disk containing that audio seems like a pretty isolated feature to me.  I think I should be able to add that without negatively impacting the current UI or features, and I think it's something that would be useful to a number of users, as I have gotten requests for that in the past as well. For that reason, I do want to implement this feature when time allows. I really do appreciate all of your feedback when it comes to the feature creep though, as I want to keep that under control.

I agree with that.

Surely there are apps too that can be started to record from the notification bar (what's the name of that what you get swiping down from the top?). That's quasi in-app.

But to use other apps for something like that I'd like to repeat another request I haven't seen in Mike todo list so far. I'd like the option to force MSP to stay in memory so you can 
switch easily to another app (like a recording app, YouTube, or whatever) without having a reload of the database (which is big in my case and takes it time to load).
I'm not really sure how to control that BRX. That's really up to the OS whether it keeps MobileSheetsPro in memory or not. On every device I've used, it does keep MobileSheetsPro in memory when switching to other apps. The only reason it wouldn't do that is if you changed settings on the tablet (typically under the developer options in the tablet settings) or if your device has limited memory so the OS is reclaiming memory by closing background applications.
Well, of course I know even less how to control or program that. 

I'm sure it's the OS reclaiming (too) aggressively the memory in my case. Does MSP use much more memory if the database is big (mine is about 50 MB filesize)? It happens often that I switch from MSP to another app for a moment and have to wait for several long seconds to load the database a new when I switch back.

All I can say - as I mentioned before - there are apps controlling this successfully.

For instance the Glextor App Manager which holds is database in memory (as option in the preferences).
MSP will certainly use more memory with a database that size, but I can't say for certain how much more. If you've loaded the database and then you've loaded a setlist, for example, that will use considerably more memory as all of the buffered images will be in memory.

Please do a test for me - install MobileSheetsFree, add one song to the library, load it, then switch between it and other apps and see if MobileSheetsFree reloads when you switch back to it. If it does, then there may be something that can be adjusted. If it doesn't, then it's just an issue with memory usage. Other apps like Glextor App Manager are most certainly using a lot less memory than MobileSheetsPro as I'm buffering a lot of stuff in memory to try to keep the app quick and responsive (after the initial load).

Well, I did your suggested test. As you already suspected and I feared it seems to be indeed just an issue with memory usage. There was no reload of the database in the free version with just one imported file even after switching to several other apps.

So essentially I have to hope that you implement the feature allowing multiple databases and switching them in the near future so I can slim down my database to avoid my problem with the reload.
I agree with having a record option. Would be very convinent for recording practice takes

After using MobileSheets for a few days on Windows 10 this is one of the two features I miss.

The other one is being able to create a bookmark page with previews, like so:

Also, thank you for this great piece of software.