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Full Version: do not sort multiple "Keys" meta tags alfabetically
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It is fine that "Keys" in the songs' meta tags is independent from the starting key for ChordPro transposing. That allows specifying multiple keys. 
But sorting them alfabetically has unwanted side effects. E.g. for "Dream A Little Dream" there is the wonderful Louis Armstrong version that modulates from G to Eb and is usually found in fakebooks. The also well-known version by The Mamas And The Papas modulates from G to E. When I specify both keys in the meta tags, MSP shows "E, G" which is not what I want to see. As a workaround I added additional entries "G - E", "G - Eb", "C - A" and "C - Ab" to the selection list for "Keys". That does the job for me but with many modulating songs in a library it would quickly create a confusingly long list of keys.
The new UI of the song editor would allow dragging the keys to the desired sequence.
They are no longer sorted alphabetically with the most recent updates. They maintain the order in which you've entered them. If you use the dropdown to select multiple keys instead of entering them with the keyboard, this messes up the ordering and it goes back to ordering them alphabetically. I'll have to see how hard it would be to modify that dialog to try to maintain the selection order so that the returned values are sorted correctly. The problem is that I only want that to happen with keys - every other data type I want to be sorted alphabetically.

Dragging & dropping to reorder with the new component would be far too complicated to implement. I don't want to try to take that on with the number of other features on my plate.

Thank you for letting me know. That works easy enough. No need for a change.
I just have to type the keys one by one to avoid creating additional entries in the selection list.