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Full Version: Useful extensions for "Generate Song List"
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"Generate Song List" is also great for a general creation of lists for various purposes.
It could be even more useful with these extensions:

Allow adding tabs as separators to "Generate Song List Format"
If the fields in an exported Song List were separated by tabs, readability of the list would be far better.
Currently tab is not only missing within the separator buttons, I even cannot type it in. I have to use workarounds like separating the fields with semicolons and open the list in Excel or separating the fields with a sequence of characters and search/replace that character sequence in a text editor

Add "Generate Songlist" also to the context menus of other groups like albums, collections, composers...
Currently "Generate Songlist" is only available for setlists and I have to create a temporary setlist if I want to create a Songlist of all songs in e.g. an album or a collection.

Add keywords for path and filename so that those can be exported with "Generate Song List"
There isn't a ton of room on that dialog, so if you think tab is more valuable, I will add that instead of the "<" and ">" characters in the list of separators.

I'll work on adding the generate song list option to the other group types.

I do already support path and filename. I just don't have room on the dialog for those fields. What I'll have to do is turn one of the buttons into something pops up a dropdown that lists the less common fields. For now, you can manually type in any of the following:

Typing the keywords manually is fine and helpful. Thanks for letting me know.
%PAGE_ORDER% and %CAPO% are already documented in the latest manual.
There's a lot of useful additional information spread over the forum. How about starting something like a wiki that makes it easier to find what we are looking for. 
Or something like the interactive documentation and translation of MuseScore:
It would be great to have a wiki, but I don't think I really have the bandwidth to set something like that up right now. Could someone else possibly set that up?
@Mike: Your support is fantastic, the extended UI for "Generate Song List Format" in V1.7.3 is great.

But I have to ask for a little refinement:
I created a song list format as shown in GenerateSonglistFormat.png by just clicking tags and tabs from the UI. But not only the tags and tabs are inserted, additional blanks show up. Songlist_Current.png shows the result that I get, Songlist_Expected.png shows what I would like to have. The blanks seem to be added when opening or closing the selection lists or when a tag is clicked. With other separators like ; I can remove the blanks easily by editing the song list format manually. When tabs are involved I cannot see what is a tab and what is a blank.

That would help:
- prevent that additional blanks are added
- visualize blanks and tabs in "Generate Song List Format" so that they can be edited e.g. like Notepad++ shows them (see screenshots)
I've updated the code to no longer add a blank space before tabs. Unfortunately, I don't have control over the visualization of tabs in that text edit control, as that's all handled under the covers by Google's code. Hopefully if you don't have to worry about the spaces anymore, it won't be as big a deal.
Are you sure that the code changes are included in 1.7.4 ? The behaviour is unchanged.
As soon as I click the "..." button at "Separators" a blank is added to the "Format:" field while the selection box with "tab" and ">" is opened.
Solving the issue with the added blanks would be enough, I would not mix tabs and spaces intentionally.

I can copy/paste a format with just tabs and without blanks that I prepared in a text editor, this creates song lists as expected.
Typing a tab on the keyboard does not add a tab to the "Format:" field, it jumps to the "Title" button in "Fields", the next control
Actually, I fixed one of the spaces without realizing that tapping the "..." button was adding a space too. I'll fix that and I'll also see if there is a way to get the edit control to insert a tab character when tab is pressed instead of moving to the next input control.
Finally have a fix in place for this in the next update - it slipped through the cracks for awhile.
Thank you. It works fine in 1.7.9