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Full Version: can´t install mobilesheetspro after update to Android 6.0.1 (Lenovo Yoga 3 Tablet)
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I updated my Lenovo Yoga 3 tablet and can´t install mobilesheetspro since then.
I try to download from google appstore, but the highest I get is 4% of the entire download. After a while I get a notice, that the tablet wasn´t able to instal this and there is a erreor code 495 (??) .
Is there any other possibility to install it, without having to pay for it again? (I had a look in the amazon store, but don´t want to buy it a second time).
Does anyone know, what might be the problem? I even rebooted the tablet a second time, because of this, but again, it didn´t work.
My recommendation would be to go into your tablet settings->Applications, clear the data and cache for Google Play and Google Play Services, and then try to download it again. If it doesn't fix the issue for you, send an email to I can provide a way to get the apk directly from me so that you can install it without Google Play.