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Full Version: Annotation wishes
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A small list of annotation things I think would be cool to have. (not in any particular order...)
Some of these features are "borrowed" from the PDF annotation tool "Xodo". 

1. Merge the "Select" and "pan" tool. 
If the select tool (the arrow) and the pan tool where actually the same, you could pan(and zoom) around until you find the item to edit, and then click on it. This would be a huge time saver if for example you have to pan/zoom to a text, and move it.(i know I can 2-finger tab, but still...) 
 Xodo works like this and it is really a nice feature. I know that the square-select feature would then have to be removed, but I find I never really uses it.

2. Arrow heads on lines.
I know this is already here in the forum, but its an old post, so thought I would bring it up again. Would be nice to be able to draw a line with an arrow head.

3. Presets for line width.
When selecting line or marker, there could be 3-4 buttons with preset with (like 1, 5, 10 25 or something). Would make it much faster to change.. usually I use one width for hand-writing/notes and another for underline/hatching etc...

4. Free hand eraser.
Again looking at xodo, it has an excellent free-hand eraser tool that is very usable.

5. toolbox as a one-line full-width box.
I almost always find that the toolbox which pops up with a tool is in the way of what I would like to do, and I constantly move it around while drawing. I know it can be disabled, but I do need all the nice stuff in the box so thats not an option. 
What if the box instead was the width of the screen, and you could move it up/down?? It would then have to be only one tool-item high.  (I think forScore uses that system, at least from what I could see when watching my fellow musician). This would make it much less in the way of the main drawing area. If there where to many tools, there could be either an overspill function, or the tool could be on the next "line" making the box now two tool-items high and whole screen width.

6. If 5 is accepted, maybe nudge tool could be in the same line and not a different box.

That was my wishes for the day :-).
A lot of good suggestions here, the majority have been made by other users as well, so they are already on my TODO list. I have a lot of big ideas for how I want to change annotations, I've just been waiting for the right time to commit to that effort, because it's most likely going to take several months to finish everything I have in mind.