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Full Version: French manual now available
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A kind user has been working with me to provide both French and German versions of the manual. The French version of the manual is now available on the website here:

The next update for MobileSheetsPro will include a change that ensures that French users see the French version of the manual and German users see the German version. Until that is released, the manuals will only be accessible through the website.

If any French users want to provide feedback/changes on the manual, please send me an email to, and I can send the microsoft word document to you. The same goes for the German manual once it is released. I welcome help with keeping the manual up-to-date and as error free as possible.

Great. Some of my German fellow musicians are urgently waiting for a German manual.
Please send me the German manual as soon as possible for proof-reading and synchronizing it with the German UI (or ask the maker of the German manual to contact me directly). Thank you.
I'll definitely send it your way once it's finished - thanks!