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Full Version: Nougat and MSP
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I'm using a Sony Z4 Tablet for MSP (nice tablet). Since Sony rolled out the Nougat (7.0) update for my tablet I was so brave to try it out. (Maybe I'm the first MSP user to try it?).

Luckily it went through without kinks (as far as I can see for now). Not such as mess as with Marshmallow. 

A very nice feature of Nougat is the split screen. I noticed that if you have MSP open it reloads the database when opening the split screen and again when closing it. Maybe that's some Android 7.0 thing and it's necessary. But it would be nice if the reload could be suppressed.

The first time I tried the split screen with MSP there was an error that it couldn't find the database and used the backup to load. But this hasn't occurred again so far.

I'll keep you updated if there are more "problems" with 7.0.