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Full Version: Big shout out to Mike...
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Big BIG shout out to Mike. He spent a few hours today trying to help me fix this problem, to no avail. Not his fault or MSP afaics . Seems to be a hardware issue with the HP Tablet and 5.1.1. His effort was very much appreciated and the support he provides is, imo, second to none. And I've been using software (both desktop and live) for years and have been to many developer sites and forums, nothing comes close. Maybe Dan over at vArranger is close or on par, but that's about it!

So again my sincere thanks Mike


PS: I did post this at the end of the relevant thread, but felt I'd rather create a specific thrad for this. Mikes help was that impressive!
Thank you Dennis - things are rarely simple with Android, but I always do my best to help users however I can.