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Full Version: Default page-scaling problem
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I can't get the "Apply to... all songs in library" option in the 'Select Page Scaling Mode' window doesn't to work. When I select Full Screen mode in the current song then click on "Apply to...", then "All songs in library", it only adjusts that song - subsequent ones still come up smaller.  How can I make my choice of scaling the default for all?  Thanks.

MobileSheetsPro v1.7.4 on Android 6.0.1
I just tested this with MobileSheetsPro v1.7.4, and it worked fine. I select "Full screen" and did the apply to "All Songs in Library", then loaded another song and verified that it had changed its page scaling setting. Can you try updating to 1.7.4 and see if that fixes the issue for you?

I have actually got v1.7.4, Mike - that earlier version was from another machine. I've tried it on my Nexus 10 and also my Nexus 7, both running Android 5.1.1 and MSPro 1.7.4, but although I do exactly as you describe (select "Full screen" and then "Apply to ... All Songs in Library"), and get a message saying "Successfully applied settings", subsequent songs still load smaller, at "Fit screen" instead of "Full screen".
It looks like the "Portrait" page scaling is being set properly for every song in the library, but the "Landscape" page scaling is not. I'll get it fixed for v1.7.6.

Thanks Mike - yes, I should have said all my tunes are set landscape. Looking forward to the fix.
Thanks again,
I rushed to get version 1.7.6 completed, so I wasn't able to sneak this fix in as well. I'm working on another follow-up update to take care of this and a few other small issues. Just wanted to provide updated status.