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Full Version: ChordPro page margins
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It would be nice if it were possible to change the page margins for ChordPro songs. Sometimes a tad less margin may result in fewer lines being wrapped.

Also, it has been asked before but many things (may) have changed internally, it would be nice if it were possible to eliminate page breaks for ChordPro songs, thus viewing the song as one long page.
I'll see if I can slip in a smaller update that addresses this, the transposing changes, and any other small scale changes that have been requested.
This is probably not the best of times to ask, but how's progress on the margin settings?
I haven't worked on adding it yet unfortunately, as I've been focusing almost all of my attention on finishing the library sync stuff. It's on my list, so I definitely didn't forget about it.  Now that the library sync is almost done, I should be able to spend some time on this before starting the next big effort.

Thanks. No hurry!
Thanks for implementing this!

(Although I must say that it is a bit hard to manipulate the sliders on a small display...)
You can tap the number on the right side to bring up the larger dialog that lets you enter a number. I use that same approach for most sliders in the app. I probably should do something to make it more obvious.

I tried it on my phone (where I need it most) and it looked like this:

Only when I turned it landscape I could see the numbers... I'll never forget Smile
I'll adjust the layout to work better on phones - thanks.