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Full Version: Icons/button too small
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We (some collegue musicians and I)  have some problems with the size of the icons/buttons, e.g.  in the menu above a song where I can go to the annotations.

Where/how can I get the icons/buttons bigger??
We all have a Hannspree tablet.Screen is 16,5 cm x 29,5 cm.  The icons are very small on that screen, and they are difficult  to tab.
Especially at the upper side of the screen.  I put two screenshots (Song = Magic slides).

Perhaps a new setting for the size of the icons is possible?  or make the size relative to the screensize.

Does anyone recognize this problem? Is it a good feature if you can set the size?

I have installed the app on my smartphone.  Samsung s5 neo.
There are the icons much bigger.  see another two screenshots (Song = Bayerische polka)