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Full Version: Cannot scroll down
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I play around with MSP Win10 on my "normal" laptop. No touch screen, no mouse, just the usual touchpad and keyboard. How can I scroll down on a library screen (e.g. "Songs" tab) to songs that are below the visible area of the screen? Am I missing something?
I tried the "Down Arrow" and "Page Down" keys and tried to move the whole window with the mouse, without success.
For me, it works using the scroll function of the touch pad.

My laptop has touch screen and is convertible to tablet mode, but that should not make a difference (I think)
The down arrow/up arrow seems to work on my laptop. You do have to give focus to the list first though, so you may have to either tab through the controls or click on the list to give it focus.
Thank you for your assistance. Both hints were helpful: scrolling with the mouse wheel does the job and I learned how to use the scroll feature of the touch pad like the mouse wheel. And arrow up / arrow down also work correctly as soon as the focus is set on the list.
I was (and often still am) confused by the fact that a single click or tap on the list opens a song instead of just setting the focus.
I have to get used to that.