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Full Version: add default values for new/imported songs
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Would it be possible to add option to set default values for specified song meta-data fields? I would like to set default MIDI program change for all new songs because in 50-60% of songs I use one sound on my keys. Of course this could be expanded to fields like setlists (like "new songs"), collections, etc. If there is a need to use different values, you can always change them while creating new song or after import...
I guess I could see it being useful if you use the same MIDI command for almost every song, but I'm curious how many people typically do that... I also highly doubt most people would want a default setlist or collection, as that would kind of defeat the purpose of those categories for separating songs (and you can already quickly designate those during the import).

So unless there are other fields that need to be driven by this, I could add it as a feature specifically targeted for MIDI (this also greatly simplifies the implementation). I could add it to the MIDI settings and call it something like "Default Song MIDI commands". It would be helpful to get feedback on how many people would utilize this.

For my needs it can only be targeted for MIDI as you've suggested. Does anyone else see another use for this for other fields?
For me the "Import Settings" dialog is fully sufficient. It is helpful that "Collections" or "Setlists" is already filled when I call "Import" from a collection or setlist.
I really miss the "Import" button when an album is opened (with "Albums" pre-filled as with setlists and collections).
I do not use any MIDI features, so I have no opinion about these.
My defaulted two fields would be the "new songs" (= recently added) setlist and the 5 star rating as I began to exclusively add "perfect" transcriptions some time ago. While the first (the "recently added" setlist) should be useful for most people, the rating is probably just my individual approach here. Filtering the 5* songs can be handy occasionally.
Haven't touched Midi yet.