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Full Version: [1.7.9.] Big RAM allocation if editing more sheets in a row
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If I edit more sheets in a row (about 20 or so) using save and edit next MobileSheets starts to allocate a lot of RAM (more than 1 GB of 4 GB total on my system) and starts to feel slow. If I exit edit windows, after while memory consumption gets to about 0,5 GB and I need to restart MS to get it to normal level. Don't know if this is normal behaviour or not, just want to report it.
That definitely sounds like a nasty bug and/or memory leak, so I'll look into it ASAP.

I had to make a huge number of changes across the entire application to prevent memory leaks due to some oddities with the way C# UWP apps work, but I'm happy to report there are no more memory leaks that I can see. Thanks again for reporting this.

Great to here, will try it again once new version is out just to confirm it.