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Full Version: MobileSheets v1.8.0 (Windows 10) Released
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I received a number of bug reports recently with the Windows 10 version that required immediate attention. The most major of these was a problem where it became impossible to reorder songs in the group editor.  There was also a major problem that could prevent scrolling with a pedal on some devices. The full list of changes can be seen below:

MobileSheets v1.8.0
  • Fixed bug where reordering songs in the group editor would sometimes not work correctly
  • Fixed bug where scrolling with a pedal was not working on some devices
  • Automatic scrolling with the vertical scrolling mode now relies on the screen size instead of the page height
  • Fixed bug where scrolling with the scroll and pause behavior was 25% of the normal speed
  • Fixed bug where Windows style line endings were not handled correctly with text and chord pro files
  • Fixed bug where changing languages multiple times in the settings would reset the page
  • Added Japanese translation
  • Fixed bugs with using the shuffle sort order for group songs
  • Added minimum height to prevent items on the library screen from being difficult to tap
  • Added support for up to 6 pedals
I'm putting the finishing touches on the next major update which is adding all of the new MIDI features. Thanks everyone for your patience!