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Full Version: Caption not shown in Setlist
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the last version (or one of last versions, not sure) ridded the second line of the title in Setlist view.
All other group views (Artist, Genre,...) still show the second line, which is good.
Any chance to have it shown in Setlist view again as well, perhaps as an option if other people asked to ditch the second line?

Just realize it probably has to do with the sequence # shown in setlists now.
The look is very neat now (row centered records); however, I do miss the info from the second title line which I´d value higher than the clean look.
You're right.
On Android the second title line, the caption, is shown correctly both in setlist view and in the right column of the setlist editor, just as in e.g. Songs view.
On Win10 the caption is missing in setlist view. It is shown in the setlist editor and in e.g. Songs view.
I will work on fixing this - thanks.