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Full Version: Coloured link points (for Repeats) do not blink.
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Dear MS users,

I am using both MS-Pro for android and (since today) the windows 10 version.
I noticed that created link points (for repeats, Del Segno etc.) where until now always blinking when activated in the Android version. The "blinking" helps finding the target bar, in which I should jump during a repeat.
This is not always the case in the Windows 10 . The target bar is sometimes blinking as expected and sometimes not. 

I tried to discover a pattern in the way the blinking behave, but was not able to.

Does someone have a suggestion/ solution?


I noticed that this behaviour occures when I use the bluetooth pedal (Airturn-Duo), which are set to turn page  and activate the next link-point. And interestingly, the first, blue link-point always blink as expected.

This is realy annoying, since there are pieces, where from the same measure I have to jump (for example)  the first time back to a repeat, the second time to a segno and the third time to coda.

If the correct  target link-point does not blink  I loose time until I find the right measure.

I would be happy, if someone could reproduce the problem, so that I at least know, it is not just me.

Thanks in advance
I'll work on trying to reproduce this issue very soon. I'm working through all of the reported issues on the forums and in emails, and trying to get reported bugs addressed before the next update. I'll let you know what I find once I start testing.

I have a fix in place for this now - there was definitely a problem.

Thank you Mike!

Should I update to 1.82 for the fix to take place?

Have a nice day,

You would want to update to version 1.8.3 which is the latest now. I haven't posted the release notes yet.
The link-points in version 1.83 are working as expected!

Thanks Mike! You created a great app, but your support makes it even greater.


Old thread (I was looking at).  Yep, Mike is the best!