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Full Version: Insert in setlist
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I just edited an old setlist instead of creating it from scratch. It's not essential but it would be nice if one could insert songs from the right column directly into a selected place in the list so you don't have to change the order by dragging from the end.
You can do this in both the Android and Windows 10 version. Is there a reason the drag & drop functionality isn't working for you in MobileSheetsPro?
You're right. That works indeed. My tablet is quite sensitive so it adds to the end of a setlist with a light tap and I didn't think about trying dragging. I still think it would be more convenient to be able to control the insertion point in the left column (e.g. by tapping in the left column). But that's now even lower priority as a feature wish since dragging works of course.
I could add that I missed this as well until Mike pointed me at it...