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Full Version: [1.8.1] Text Annotations - Inserts
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The idea to define inserts for text annotations is great -thank you.

- there are some symbols missing (Ø,...) that are needed in text mode.
- some should be integreated because you need to switch the keyboard to get them (Delta, upper "o", ...)
- the distance between the inserted symbols and text are too big. They should be closer to the text.
- it would be good to have a selection for an "upper level" with automatic small font "(b5)", "#7",... and the "base level"
I can only support the symbol with that approach if it's part of the standard UTF-8 character set. If you provide a list of the characters you want added, I can check to see which ones are allowed. This is really only meant to be a stop-gap until I change the way annotations work and add a musical font.

There is a jazz font that I have saved ( that I'll probably be able to incorporate into the app. That would allow you to add the kind of content you are looking for.
(05-28-2017, 03:53 AM)Zuberman Wrote: [ -> ]There is a jazz font that I have saved (  that I'll probably be able to incorporate into the app.

Two things here;

1 - Am I the only person who thinks these fonts (designed to look like hand-written notes, etc.) are a lot harder to read than ordinary text fonts.  One outfit I work with has its sets based on iReal Pro and I always have to change the default 'jazz' font to something I can read!!

2 - If you do include these fonts at some time in the future, I beg you please do not make them the default.
The 'swing' font is certainly much more readable [usable], which would be my choice. I'm not too thrilled with the bold face though, it may overpower the base document.
To my oppinion it is only the "SwingChord-Font" missing.
Adding notation symbols can be done by using the stamps.
Adding jazz chords is my problem.