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Full Version: ChordPro directives not recognized without colon
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As many ChordPro users I have the habit of using terminating directive keywords with a colon, e.g.

{title: My Song}

However, the colon has always been optional according to the ChordPro specification.

I can live with MSPro requiring the colon, as it is just nicer/better, but users importing arbitrary ChordPro files from the internet may occasionally get a surprise...
For example, you'll quickly notice that the song title is not picked up, but you'll probably not going to notice that meta data like composer, key, time, tempo is silently ignored.
I didn't know by now that the colons are optional and never came across ChordPro files without them.
I was actually handling this correctly for about half of the commands (the ones not related to metadata). I've updated the code to use the same approach in all places so it should work now for all chord pro commands.